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International Journal of History and Cultural Studies

International Journal of History and Cultural Studies (IJHCS)
ISSN No. (Print) : 2454-7646
ISSN No. (Online) : 2454-7654
Publication Frequency : 4 Issues per Year
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Nature : Print and Online
Language of Publication : English

Accepting Submissions for Volume-8, Issue-1

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History is the investigation of the past, especially how it identifies with people. It is the term that identifies with past occasions and in addition the memory, revelation, accumulation, association, presentation, and understanding of data about these occasions. History can likewise allude to the scholastic control which utilizes a story to look at and break down a grouping of past occasions, and equitably focus the examples of circumstances and end results that focus them. The field of social studies incorporates a scope of hypothetically, politically, exactly, methodological points of view and practices connected with social investigation.

International Journal of History and Cultural Studies (IJHCS) is an internationally peer reviewed open access journal that publishes latest information on History and Cultural Studies. It includes the topics like Cultural history, Diplomatic history, Economic history, Environmental history, World history, People's history, Historiometry, Gender history and Public history etc.

We invite manuscripts of invite submissions as Original articles, research articles, review article, short reports and editorial articles.