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International Journal of Research in Geography

International Journal of Research in Geography (IJRG)
ISSN No. (Online) : 2454-8685
Publication Frequency : 4 Issues per Year
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Language of Publication : English

Accepting Submissions for Volume-8, Issue-1

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Geography is a field of science devoted to the investigation of the grounds, the elements, the occupants, and the phenomena of Earth. A strict interpretation would be "to portray or picture or expound on the earth". In any case, cutting edge geology is a sweeping teach that first looks to comprehend the Earth and the greater part of its human and normal complexities not only where items are, but rather how they have changed and come to be. Topography has been called "the world order" and "the scaffold between the human and the physical science.

International Journal of Research in Geography (IJRG) is an internationally peer reviewed open access journal that publishes recent developments in the discipline of Geography. The topics included in the scope are Physical geography, Human geography, Integrated geography, Geomatics, Regional geography, Cartography, Geographic information systems, Remote sensing etc.

We invite manuscripts of invite submissions as Original articles, research articles, review article, short reports and editorial articles.